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TankTerminals.com presents on-line the information about the selected terminal(s) in a Terminal Fact Sheet with about 40 individual data items and a map/satellite picture. The database currently comprises about 4,899 such data sheets. Any data sheet provides all the relevant information to a potential client/supplier of that tank terminal for any decision-making and immediate follow-up. A list of appropriate terminals can be searched and selected with any of the three search tools mentioned below.

Search tools

Subscribers have access to 3 different search-tools:

  1. TankFinder with Storage Enquiry Service. This option provides a search-tool with which, based on any combination of geographic and/or terminal-specific data, one or more terminals can quickly be found that meet the required specifications. For example, if a terminal is looked for on a selected continent with a) stainless steel tanks, b) ship unloading capability (the required draft can be specified), c) barge loading capability, d) rail loading capability, all this (and more requirements) can be specified and a list of terminals that meets these requirements will be provided instantly.
    TankFinder is coupled to our Storage Enquiry Service. After a selection of terminals has been made, with the TankFinder tool one or more of the selected terminals can be selected again to send a storage enquiry to. A standardized enquiry form will be mailed to the commercial contact of any of the selected terminals.
  2. Map Search. This option displays a world map on which markers can be loaded that indicate exactly the location of any of the terminals included in the database anywhere in the world. The map provides zooming and dragging functionality, to allow a closer look at a specific section of the map.
  3. Quick Search. The entire database can be searched for a single word (the name of a terminal, country, port, port area, city, person, website, email address, etc.) or part thereof. A list of terminals will be shown in which the search-word is present.

Any of the above search-tools produces a list of names of terminal facilities that meet the set criteria. By clicking on any of the listed names, the relevant Terminal Fact Sheet will be opened.

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