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Subscription Types

Subscription Types

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Three types of subscription are available:

  1. Global Account. This type of account allows access to the entire (global) database for a full year with any starting date.

    We also offer a so-called Global Light Account. This type of account provides access to the entire global database, but only gives the following information: name of the terminal, the port/city and the country in which the terminal is located and the general e-mail address of the facility. If one requires more information, this can be derived from the database under the conditions of the Credit Account.

  2. Regional Account. This type of account allows access to a part of the database, limited to one or more continents. Any (combination of) continent(s) can be chosen. The available continents are: Africa , Asia, Central America & Caribbean, Europe, Middle East , North America, Oceania and South America. Antarctica is automatically added to Africa or Oceania or South America. The account is valid for one year with any starting date.

  3. Credit Account. This type of account resembles the pay-per-view principle. A subscriber only pays for the information actually retrieved from the database. Depending on the amount of information requested from the database, credit points are deducted from a reserve of credit points authorised at the start of a search-session. Additional credit points can be authorised on-line at any time. Once, during a search-session, the amount of remaining credit points becomes insufficient to view additional information, user will be notified automatically to authorise new credit points.

    Please note that after beta release, credit points can no longer be acquired. For companies that have credit points remaining in their credit account, these will be converted to a FREE account.

    Depending on chosen selection criteria in any of the search options, a list of terminals (terminal name, port/city/country) will be displayed after the approval of 1 credit point per terminal in the list. A longer list of terminals can be shortened by applying additional selection criteria thus reducing the number of credit points to be paid to view a list. In case user wants to see the detailed Terminal Factsheet of any listed terminal, 50 or 40 credit points per fact sheet will be charged. Any terminal information already viewed and paid for, will remain available free-of-charge for 24 hours thereafter. The username/password issued with the Registration (which also triggers the initiation of the Credit Account) will remain valid indefinitely.

    With this pay-per-view principle, a detailed summary of a terminal anywhere in the world, including an interactive map and satellite picture, can be retrieved from the database.

Any account-type can be subscribed to online by clicking the 'Create New Account! FREE' link on the home page. Subscriptions can be settled on-line by Credit Card (instant access to the database) or access to the database will be permitted after receipt of the subscription fee, which will be invoiced separately.

The account-types listed above are personal accounts for individual use. TankTerminals.com also offers Multi-user Contracts and Corporate Contracts. Please contact TankTerminals.com for further details and conditions.

Upgrade to Premium Listing

Terminal owners can upgrade their listing in the database from the Standard Listing to a Premium Listing. Our Premium Listing service brings many benefits to your business. Upgrading to Premium Listing will give you the following features:

Enhanced Listing. Your Terminal(s) will appear in BOLD at the top of every search when you have a terminal listed in the selected country.

More Information. When you upgrade, your Terminal details are superior to the information given in the standard listing. Your company logo will feature on the terminal details page. You will have the ability to add editorial information to every section of the terminal information page and you will be able to upload your own 600 word commercial editorial.

Photos. You can upload up to 4 photos of your terminal allowing website users to appreciate better your terminals facilities.

Newsletter Announcement. When you have upgraded your listing, your Terminal(s) will feature in our monthly newsletter which goes out to around 10000 industry professionals.

Discounted Advertising. As a Premium Terminal, you will be entitled to 10% discount on our rack prices for on site advertising.

Better Traffic. Our Premium Terminals receive approximately 500% of the traffic that regular listings receive. Get your terminal seen!

Please contact us for further details.



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