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January 23, 2014 [PortNews IAA] - In January-December 2013, Russian oil exports via the terminal of Spetsmornefteport Kozmino LLC (port Vostochny) surged by 31.2%, year-on-year, to 21.3 mln t (+300,000 t against the annual plan),  the company’s statistics says.

18.3 mln t of oil was delivered by ESPO-II and 3 mln t – by railway. 

The growth was driven by the commissioning of phase II of ESPO pipeline and Berth No 2 of Spetsmornefteport Kozmino able to accept tankers with deadweight of up to 120,000 t. 

The majority of oil exported to Japan (35.5%), China (23%) and S.Korea (10%). Some 6.5% - 5.5% was exported to Philippines, Singapore, USA and Malaysia. Less than 3% - to Thailand, New Zealand, Taiwan, Indonesia and Australia.  Most of tankers calling at the port fly the flags of Honk Kong, Marshall Islands, Panama, Liberia. Record-high number of calls were made by vessels flying the flag of Singapore – 58 calls of total 213.

Specialized Oil Loading Sea Port Kozmino is the terminus of the ESPO Oil Pipeline (Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean) in Nakhodka, Primorsk territory. It is intended for transshipment of oil delivered by trunk pipeline ESPO-II and by Far East railway to sea-going tankers. The capacity of the terminal’s first stage was 15 million tonnes of crude oil (ESPO brand) a year. With the launch of the second stage (December 25, 2012) the capacity was expanded to 30 mln t. In February 2013, port Kozmino shipped the 50 millionth tonne of oil (from the moment it was commissioned in late 2009). In 2012, oil export via Kozmino terminal reached 16.23 mln t (+7.2%, year-on-year).

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