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The Enquiry Form allows anybody with a Registration with TankTerminals.com to submit an enquiry for tank storage to any terminal listed in the database of TankTerminals.com. Submitting one enquiry to a terminal will cost 50 Credit Points (€ 150), but this enquiry service is free-of-charge for Global Account users and Regional Account users (according to the subscribed geographical regions). The Enquiry Form has been designed to accommodate any type of storage enquiry, also because of the opportunity to add your own comments or question in the free text boxes provided throughout the form. The Enquiry Form can be activated by either going to the form directly (here) or by clicking on the relevant button in the detailed fact sheet of a selected terminal.

The process of submitting an Enquiry has three steps:

  • 1: completion of the form itself (once completed click “Continue”)
  • 2: verification and confirmation of the details provided (once completed click “Submit”, the Enquiry will now be sent immediately to the relevant terminal)
  • 3: you will receive an e-mail with all the details of the submitted Enquiry together with a link to access the terminal fact sheet of the terminal to which the Enquiry has been submitted (this link is available free-of-charge for 10 days).

Please note that the moment you click on the "Submit" under step 2, the form will be e-mailed immediately to the selected terminal. Once the Enquiry has been sent, the onus is fully on the terminal that received the Enquiry to respond to you directly. TankTerminals.com is not responsible for any follow-up action by any terminal. The Enquiry will also be recorded by TankTerminals.com.

Enquiries can only be sent with Credit Points that have actually been acquired and paid for by the enquirer. Credit Points can be acquired here. One Credit point costs € 3.00 and the minimum number of Credit Points that can be acquired is 100 (€ 300 excl. VAT).

Questions about the functionality of the Enquiry Form can be sent to questions@tankterminals.com
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