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TankTerminals.com provides on-line access to a vast amount of information about independent, commercial tank storage facilities all over the world. In this fully searchable database, information can be found about the name and the location of the facility, names and contact details of key people, information about tank storage capacity, tank range, tank types, and the types of cargo that can be stored. The database also contains information about the waterfront (jetties, berths, draft) and whether a facility can handle other modes of transport such as barge, road, rail, and pipeline. Virtually any terminal listed in the database has been furnished with its geographical coordinates. With Google Maps integrated in this website, any of these terminals can actually be seen from an elevated position in a map and satellite view.

The prime objective of TankTerminals.com is to provide up-to-date information about tank terminals to those who are professionally engaged with or otherwise interested in this industry. TankTerminals.com is a unique tool for those who are looking for independent, commercial tank terminals for the storage and transhipment of crude, petroleum products, liquid chemicals, etc.

TankTerminals.com is also a useful source of information for companies that provide equipment and services to tank terminal facilities and to those that are otherwise professionally involved in the tank storage industry.

This database is also a useful source for authorities, institutions, researchers, etc.

TankTerminals.com is fully owned by PortStorage Group B.V. Rotterdam, The Netherlands. PortStorage Group B.V. is a 50/50 joint venture between Downstream B.V., Rotterdam, The Netherlands and PJK International B.V., Breda, The Netherlands.

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